Subsidy at the time of moving

Subsidy information

We will subsidize part of the cost of moving to Toyooka for eligible applicants (young households and households with small children).

Eligible applicants

 ・Young household or families with small children(※)
Except those who apply to either of the following conditions.
⑴ Business reason: job transfer, job assignment etc.
⑵ Temporary reason: going to school, etc.

※Definition of young household and families with small children is below.
Young household : the total combined age of the couple is under 80
(The term “the couple” here means married couples, couples of common-law marriage and engaged couples.)

Families with small children : Families with small children or with an expectant mother
(Children must be 18 or younger, who has not yet reached March 31 after his/her 18th birthday.)

・Those who are NOT Toyooka City Regional Development Cooperation Corps

Subsidy rate / subsidy limit

100% of the eligible expenses, up to 200,000 yen (rounded down to the nearest 100 yen)

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