Subsidy at the time of moving

Subsidy information

We will assist you with the moving fee if you are moving from an urban area to Toyooka City.

Target group

・When renting or  purchasing the following properties
(1) Properties listed in Tonderu Local Toyooka
(2)Condominium managed by a Tonderu Local real estate agent
(3)Properties managed by the city

・Being a migrant from an urban area
(City officials will make a decision based on Article 3, Item 1
of the Regional Development Cooperation Corps Establishment Guidelines)

・People working in the city
(1)People who continue their current job in the city
(2)People who are consulting a public institution
about getting their job or starting  a business
(public institution; Hello work, IPPO TOYOOKA, etc.)
※Excluding those who get a job for the first time after graduation
and move due to company circumstances.

・People who register their certificate of residence (jyuuminhyou) to Toyooka City after moving

・The reason for moving is not due to marriage with a Toyooka citizen

・People who are not Toyooka Area Revitalization Cooperation Corps members

Subsidy rate / subsidy limit

Up to 100% of the target expenses, limited to 100,000 yen (rounded down to the nearest 100 yen)

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