Child Care

Subsidy information

Child care allowance

Who is eligible for payments
Parents/guardians of children up until junior high school (eligible until March 31st following the child’s 15th birthday)
*Payment amount is subject to change depending on one’s income level

Medical expense subsidy

Newborns to ES 3rd grade

Out-of-pocket expenses: ¥400/day, or up to ¥800 twice a month

ES 4th grade to JHS 3rd grade

Out-of-pocket expenses: 20%, limited to ¥1600/month

Free early childhood education and child care


All children can use the facilities free of charge

Nursery schools/ Certified Centers for Early Childhood Education

Children from ages 3 to 5 can use the facilities for free
Note: School lunch fees, teaching fees, event fees, extended child care fees, etc. are not eligible to be charge-free.

Child care support guidebook

A booklet that summarizes child care support information according to the child’s development. Information that is useful for raising children, such as allowances and support systems, is included.

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