Part of lodging, airfare, rental car fees, and toll road fees will be subsidized.

Subsidy information

We will subsidize part of the accommodation, airfare, rental car, and highway fee for those who visit the city for the purpose of moving,

Target fees can be covered up to 100%, within the scope of the budget.

Subsidy limit


Adults (13 and over) ¥3000/person
Children (12 and under) ¥1500/person
4 nights are covered per person, per year.


1 person, 1-way ¥4000 (within the amount excluding fare subsidies from other systems).
Up to 4 times per person, per year
*Only applies when using the Itami – Tajima airport

Rental car fees

6 days a year per household

Toll road fees

One-way highway fee
¥15,000 limit, rounding down to the nearest ¥100
4 times a year per household

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