We support store renovation costs, equipment purchase costs, advertising costs and more.

Subsidy information

Subsidy rate/ subsidy limit

Able to provide within one-third of target expenses, up to 1 million yen.
(for women and people aged 45 and under, within half of target expenses)
*Some conditions apply to receiving support from the Toyooka Chamber of Commerce and Industry or the Toyooka City Chamber of Commerce.

Target group

People who have founded or inherited a business with the support and plan approval of the Toyooka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (*see note).

Target businesses

New businesses in Toyooka

・A newly established business (i.e. small, private business) by a person who has not run a business in Toyooka City.
・A newly established business corporation with a head office as well as a main sales office in Toyooka City

Business succession in Toyooka city

・Defined as a business that takes over an existing business open in Toyooka City from a business owner who is going out of business (i.e. small, private)
・Business management succession planning for business owners who inherit the rights to represent a corporative venture in Toyooka City
Note: Applications can be filled out by parties representing a corporation only in the case of business succession.

"Business start-ups / entrepreneurship" Other support

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