Subsidize part of the cost of obtaining a driver’s license

Subsidy information

Part of the cost of obtaining a driver’s license will be subsidized for those who move from an urban area to Toyooka City.

Target expenses

Expenses for obtaining a first-class driver’s license can be provided after receiving training at a driving school in the city for 12 months either before or after the month of emigration.

Target group

・People working in Toyooka City
・Being an emigrant from an urban area
(City officials will make a decision based on Article 3, Item 1 of the Regional Development Cooperation Corps Establishment Guidelines)
・People who change their certificate of residence (jyuuminhyou) to Toyooka City after emigration
・The reason for moving in is not due to marriage with a Toyooka citizen
・People who are not Toyooka Area Revitalization Cooperation Corps members

Subsidy rate/ subsidy limit

Up to 100% of the targeted fees, with a limit of 100,000 yen

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